Floatback lureshave developed a range of crankbait lures utilising our patented “Hook Ejection System” that eliminates the fish being able to throw the lure off.

How do they achieve this?

As the hooks are not permanently fastened to the lure body, when you strike, the Floatback lures ejects the hooks and slides away up the line. This prevents the fish from shaking off the lure thereby stopping it from using the lure’s body weight as leverage to rip or throw off the hooks.

Another benefit of the “Hook Ejection System” is that both hooks then slide together invariably leading to a double hook-up thereby doubling your chance of landing the fish.

When targeting monster fish there can be no damage done to the lure as the connection is straight through the line to the hooked fish.

Lastly they save you money - If you get snagged on underwater structure, with a conventional crankbait, you have to spend valuable fishing time trying to get it loose right on top of your hot spot and chasing the fish away by dropping a retriever and possibly even losing the expensive lure.

With a Floatback, when you pull the line to snap off the snagged lure the Floatback Lures ejects away from the snagged hooks and floats back to the surface for retrieval. All you lose are the two hooks, not the lure body.

A revolutionary range of crankbaits coming soon!​

Introducing the                                       Wide Walker

As seen on the show Fishing University, this new topwater will dramatically increase the amount of fish you land.